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California Gummy Bears


Made in California 🌴 These little CA gummy bears are absolutely scrumptious. Here at LKA we bring in all our FAV brands and items.. and who doesn’t LOVE gummy bears?! But we are slightly crunchy here at LKA ( health nuts ) so we knew when we found the BEST gummy bear in the world we had to share with our customers! 
Why we love CA Gummy bears?





• Flavoured with organic grown in Cali fruit!!

•Colours are all natural to colour the bears 

• Made in California ( this is huge ) 

They are the healthiest best tasting gummy bear on the market currently! you seriously will be impressed with the flavour! We love that it’s real fruit grown in Cali to flavour these cute little bears. Oh and it’s shaped like a real bear!! Guilt free treat for you and the family! TREAT YOURSELF! We are the only place in Canada to buy these little cuties! So grab a few boxes for you and friends.. makes a great gift! 

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