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Yeezy Dupe Clear Heel

$20 $46

This year’s summer must have shoe! We have had our eyes on Yeezy clear shoes FOREVER but at over $500 a pair we needed a quick dupe.. to fill that clear shoe void in our hearts.. well we found it! 

simple - clear - affordable- comfortable 


sometimes an outfit is not about the shoe and you just don’t want anything to take away from your beautiful outfit... it will blend in and make the focus your outfit but also catch peoples attention because they’re so cool & different! 

or if you’re like us and you’ve had your eye on a pair of Yeezy clear shoes forever.. here you go!! 

pair it with jeans a t shirt- OR wear it with a beautiful dress to all the summer events. 

••••fits true to size if you’re in between sizes please size up. 
*** Sasha is usually a 7.5 - and wears an 8 in these shoes! ***When in doubt size up with this shoe. 

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