LKA - Q + A with local mom Kaitlin Husty

We are trying something new over here at LKA Clothing with hopes of building our community with a regular shoutout and spotlight on a local mom! Keep your eye out for other spotlights and please DM us if you would like to collaborate!

Q + A with local mom Kaitlin Husty, 32

Langley, BC | Children: Goldie Gisele (3) & Romi Blake (1) 

Instagram: @elysamika

1. Describe motherhood in one sentence

A beautifully exhausting experience full of ups and downs.  

2. What is your day to day style (and your kids)

You can find me in a sweatsuit and probably a hat because my hair needs to be washed. Goldie and Romi are usually looking 10/10, either heavy on the vintage chic or street style cool 

3. One word to describe your kids


4. Fun fact about you

 I can blow bubbles off my tongue! 

5. Favourite accounts to follow (local)

  I'll just go with @lindsayeliserika my sis' and @ashleyyoshie my cous' I enjoy a lot of other accounts by don't want to make anyone feel left out!

6. Hardest thing about being a mom

Lack of sleep and being able to keep my patience with their constant needs and whining. 

7. Guilty Pleasure

KUWTK, RHOBH, VDPR any show that Jeff (my spouse) can't stand the sound of!  

8. What are you binge watching right now

 Dare Me: those are some hardcore cheerleaders! 

9. Favourite thing (kid approved!) to make for dinner

Love, love, love me some tortellini with alfredo sauce and then I'll probably bake or steam some broccoli because shockingly the girls both love it. I am not a fancy chef in the slightest, nor do I take interest in that field. 

10. How do you keep your marriage alive

Do something small for each other every day. Try to go on dates and remember how to act flirtatiously in love like we were in...2008!   

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