LKA Q+A with Alicia Chodkowski

I can't believe Fall is quickly coming to close down and we are headed into the WINTER season. Shhh little secret - CHRISTMAS HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY SEASON. So stay tuned because LKA will have some fun festive things coming your way.
In the meantime we are SO excited to introduce this week's Mom Feature: business babe extraordinaire and mama to two little girls (and one more on the way), Alicia Chodkowsi. Alicia also happens to be one of my best friends and owns not one but TWO online boutiques - Lux Littles Boutique and KEM Collection. I hope you enjoy getting to know this sweet soul as much as I have over the years!
1. Describe motherhood in one sentence: 

The best thing EVER! If I was born to do anything it was to be a mother. My girls are the light of my life
2. What is your day to day style:

Well currently it is anything of my husband's or anything oversized as I am expecting my third baby girl in February.

3. What is your girls' day to day style:

EVERYTHING matching & as girly as possible. When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Eden I started Lux Littles Boutique, an online Mommy & Mini boutique.

4. One word to describe your girls:

"OPPOSITES" my eldest Eden, is quiet, sensitive, loving, gentle, & an old soul! My youngest Mila is, INTENSE, LOUD, ROUGH, RAMBUNCTIOUS & STRAIGHT UP WILD HAHA.

5. The hardest thing about being a mom:

Remembering that I am also Alicia, aside from being a wife & a mother it is important to take time for myself! Which I find incredibly hard #momguilt

6. How do you keep your marriage alive:

WORK! Marriage is constant work & if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying. I struggle with the balance of husband, kids, business, and self care all the time but the most important thing I would say is COMMUNICATION & quality one on one time ♡

7. Your favourite place to travel:

Anywhere warm & beachy! I won't go into detail as im having major vacation withdrawals #covid_19

8. How do you juggle being a mom, wife and a small business owner:

Some days I don't...haha. A healthy balance is beyond tricky. With growing kids, and now two growing businesses - "Lux Littles Boutique" & "KEM Collection" plus a husband / marriage there are days & weeks that are overwhelming & then there are weeks & days were things just seem to flow perfectly. I have recently hired a nanny to help out a couple days a week with meal prep, cleaning, and playing with the kids so I can work, but to be honest I only manage because of my extremely supportive & helpful husband.

9. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a small business:

BUCKLE UP! Having your own business is no joke - it is constant work, you don't clock out, when issues arise you have no one to tell you how to handle it, things do not just come to you or fall into place. It is a constant uphill battle but it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have learned more about life  & grown more as a person in the last 4 years than I can say i have for most of my adult life.

10.  Favourite go to recipe:
Skip the Dishes! Haha cooking is last on my list.